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Colorado home prices have risen 51% since 2012 per CoreLogic!
It is March Madness! Is your team projected to be in or out?
Will finishing your basement payoff when you sell your home?
How do you find your perfect neighborhood?
Is now a good time to declutter your home?
What exactly are home equity levels?
Are real estate agents necessary for people looking to buy or sell a home?
Find out how to prepare your home for below freezing temperatures!
Bathroom remodels are often a great way to increase your home\’s value but can also be an expensive undertaking. Check out 5 tips to prevent money from going down the drain in your remodel!
Open houses are an amazing way to generate leads on your listing!
Check out these 10 must knows if you are considering buying a house!
Which home improvement projects will give the best return on investment for your home in our neighborhood?
Open houses are a great place to showcase your home to potential buyers. Give this checklist a look to make sure your house is prepped ahead of time to receive the best results!
Check out these kitchen trends that are taking over our neighborhood and the rest of the west!
Check out this beautiful listing near our neighborhood in Broomfield
According to a recent survey, most real estate agents are not neighborhood experts like I am, even though it is extremely important.
The North Denver metro is coming of age with lots of explosive growth!
The North Denver metro is coming of age with lots of explosive growth!
The housing market in our neighborhood and the rest of Colorado is so hot that residents are getting paid by the state government
Don’t go into a showing for your home without the proper preparation
You’ll want to see the rest of the photos of this listing in Broomfield
The Offspring and a craft brewery are putting together a taco and music festival near our neighborhood
Would Amazon HQ2 coming to the area be a good thing for our neighborhood? Here is how Denver compares to the other finalists
Echo Mountain is an affordable gem close to our neighborhood. As long as traffic is clear on 93, you can ski and have dinner within an hour drive after work for only $40
Make sure to check out these ideas if you plan on remodeling your kitchen.
Here is the latest listing in Broomfield
Mortgage lingo often confuses first time home buyers
Don’t go into a closing without being prepared for all costs involved. Here are 5 expenses that first time home buyers typically are not expecting
What differentiates a real estate Broker and an Agent?
The National Association of Realtors predicts that the impact of tax reform will raise home prices in Colorado more than anywhere else in the United States
Broomfield Commons has a new and gorgeous listing
The benefits of owning a home go beyond financial
Should you fix up your home before listing it or do our competitive market conditions allow you to sell it as is?
Meow Wolf is coming to Denver
Our Broomfield neighborhood has a new beautiful listing
On the fence about buying a home? Check out these 8 benefits of home ownership
Metro Denver has new gyms and fitness centers popping up
The northwest suburbs and the rest of the Denver metro is the best place to buy a home in America according to US News and World Report
Our Broomfield Commons neighborhood has a new listing! This one is going to move fast with our competitive market conditions
Today in Broomfield there are 275 homes for sale with a $558k median listing price and a $405k median closing price
An airline internet provider near our Broomfield neighborhood has their product on 500 aircrafts
The temperature dropping doesn’t mean that buyer’s bids on my listings will drop. Check out these 13 tips on how to successfully sell your house in the Fall and Winter
There are some beautiful listings near us this holiday season. Let’s see what happens with these properties as the year winds down
zavvie just announced the 5 hottest neighborhoods in CO. Did our Broomfield neighborhood make it?
Holiday light destinations are in the neighborhood! The Denver Post puts out an annual list on the best light displays on homes and some in our Broomfield neighborhood made it
Want to take your children to see Santa? He’s at the Flatirons Crossing mall
There are so many beautiful properties in the neighborhood. It will be exciting to see who moves in
The lack of workers in Broomfield and the rest of Colorado is holding back economic growth
On this Makeover Monday, look into the benefits of solar panels. Enter your Broomfield address in the link below to find out the costs and savings off your energy bill from installing solar panels on your roof
Officials have invited Boulder County and Broomfield residents to take an online fair housing survey
Do you have any questions? This is something that stumps most home buyers. Here are 15 plus questions to ask during your home buying process to make sure you’ve covered all your bases
Real estate market update! Today in Broomfield there are 318 homes for sale with a $539k median listing price and a $410k median closing price
Accessory Dwelling Units: They’re considered a great home improvement project that can add value, and some extra income. But, there are also costs to consider when you decide whether to build one into your house
Open enrollment is coming up! If you have school aged children, make sure to check out the Boulder Daily Camera’s guide for the award winning Boulder Valley School District
The removal of Broomfield’s planning, zoning commissioner is not being pursued
Closing on a home – It can be really unclear sometimes and the reason for delays can be elusive. Here are 14 key things to know about the home buying process so you can know exactly when your closing date will be
Broomfield is participating in the Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH)
Want to combine Cyber Monday and Makeover Monday? Check out the deals at Home Depot
Almost 95% of all home searches today begin on the Internet. Jumping into the home buying experience often feels like a whirlwind but, this is a great place to catch up. Here are 9+ helpful tips for first time home buyers or if you just need a refresher!
Here is your weekly neighborhood real estate market update. Today in Broomfield, there are 341 homes for sale with a $530k median listing price and a $410k median closing price
Want to make your fall household chores fun? 4 useful tips
Check out these photos of Broomfield High’s soccer tean from their state championship victory over Denver East
’Almost 95% of all home searches today begin on the Internet’. Jumping into the home buying experience often feels like a whirlwind but, this is a great place to catch up. Here are 9+ helpful tips for first time home buyers or if you just need a refresher!
Broomfield is getting another tech firms headquarters!
Wondering which home renovations will bring in the best return on investment?
Is the Real Estate Market hot or cold? Is it a buyers or sellers market? You dont have to be an expert to know the best time of year to buy a home. Find out here!
Click the link below to read about Broomfields election results!
Today in Broomfield there are 342 homes for sale with a $529k median listing price and a $410k median listing price. Click the link below to find out more!
Whats up Broomfield? Here are some home improvement ideas to kick off your week!
Want to find events to attend around Broomfield this weekend? Click on the link below for an event calendar!
Looking for a job in Broomfield? Click the link below!
How does Real Estate work? This is the big question whether my clients are first time buyers, seasoned homeowners, or somewhere in between. Heres a step by step guide to get familiar!
Metro Denver is now back in the top 10 hottest U.S. housing markets!
Check out Boulder Highs annual haunted house!
Want to help Puerto Rice hurricane victims? BHS Poms is hosting a fundraiser!
Heres whats up in the housing market for Broomfield – According to a study, home sellers are getting more than the asking price! learn more here.
One of the best parts about fall is the foliage! If you love decorating your home for the season, or havent found a way that works for your home, this is for you. These are some beautiful ways to bring the outside in with elegant and easy fall decor!
Halloween is coming up so if you havent dont jack-o-lanterns yet, this weekend is the time! If kids arent involved then invite some friends and crack open a cider for some adult fall fun!
College students get ski pass discounts and now is the time to grab them up! Click to see what the deals are and if you know anyone who wants to shred for less this season pass it on!
Want to know what might change with your homes value going into 2018? Experts are making their predictions and things dont look too shabby:
I love interiors but, when it comes to decorating, lets face it, i dont know anything about throw pillows! From what to buy, when to buy it, where to put it and deciding a on a color palate, these 5 tips are sure to get you started!
I love interiors but, when it comes to decorating, lets face it, i dont know anything about throw pillows! From what to buy, when to buy it, where to put it and deciding a on a color palate, these 5 tips are sure to get you started!
A beautiful house starts with the right foundation. The foundation of a beautiful living room starts with… A couch! We do all our living there so it has to be a good one. Youll never guess what the number one color is for the perfect living room. Hint:
If you live in Colorado, youre probably super smart. If youre super smart, come to Colorado. Bloomberg named us as one of the number one brain-iest places in the nation and frankly, its not so surprising! I guess theres something in that mountain air!
Create a cozy winter space for your house with a few easy steps! Following the latest design tips to give your home a fresh updated feel:
Its probably the most obvious thing youd never think of to solve your sky high housing woes. But, more and more people are opting for this unorthodox trend and hope itll get even easier to do. Ill give you a hint, its an accessory for your house.
25 Landscape lighting ideas! As it gets darker earlier in the evening, landscape lighting is a necessity. Plus, it makes your home look polished and stylish instantly! Not sure what outdoor lighting best for your home? Click below for the lowdown on light
If you dont have a ticket to the great american beer festival there’s still a ton of local stuff to do this weekend, check it out!
Guess what? your kitchen counter tops dont all have to match. Mix it up for design interest while being more cost effective too!
A great home just went up for sale! It will be very interesting to watch this sell! Let us know what you have to say about this home.
First time home buyers have an opportunity to get an extra boost on a down payment, find out how!
The annual housing trends report was just released and there are some great insights that effect Broomfield homes! If you’re curious about your home value fluctuating or housing market predictions for the future definitely check it out:
It’s pumpkin patch season! Here’s a comprehensive guide to patches and mazes!
Expert tips on how to get the most out of your home in a way that works best for you!
Have you seen this ranch house? The interior is a dream come true
Colorado isnt usually in the list of amazing places for fall foliage but these pictures prove it should be!
Pull out your lederhosen, it’s Oktoberfest!
Hindsight is 20/20, what some people wish they told their Real Estate agent
Get a feel for the neighborhood this fall and check out the homes that are going up for sale! How do you think they will fare in this housing climate? Let us know your opinions:
Upgrades guaranteed to help sell any home!
We’re hoping to be included in a second rail plan
Celebrate the coming autumn with Boulder’s Fall Fest this weekend!
Expect luxury apartments in the near future. What could more rental options mean for the community?
Summer is almost over and the weather is already starting to get cooler. Make sure to get these fixes done to your house before the snow flies! Don’t wait until it’s too late:
Small things you can do to prepare your home for fall!
This is how the hurricanes might affect oil and gas in Colorado
Haven’t decided to go to the food and wine fest yet? Check out the calendar and tickets!
What would a divorce with Xcel and 100% sustainable energy look like? What’s your opinion?
Have a 650K house hunting budget? Here’s what you can buy in Broomfield Commons:
Tips to make your home a health sanctuary!
Preseason has been underway but we’re a little disappointed, here’s 5 things we’re not psyched about.
11 things going on across Colorado for Labor Day weekend!
Ask a Colorado Real Estate Agent. FAQ’s answered
Labor Day weekend is almost here! Don’t miss out on all the great festivities going on right around the corner. Make sure to get in on all the action:
These kitchen trends happen to also have a timeless feel
Everything you need to know to hike a 14er. Stay safe out there!
Just Listed: 3678 Glacier Rim Trail, A Broomfield
Is entry level housing going extinct?
High rent and house prices may finally plateau in Colorado… Do you think house demand will stay steady in our neighborhood? Share your thoughts!
8 tips on how to make your home more inviting. This is useful for staging as well!
The school year is here! This tool makes carpooling even more convenient
Great hikes in Boulder. Maybe an eclipse hike?
Boulder County schools test scores ranked highest in the state!
10 home trends that have taken 2017 by FORCE! Look to see which ones you can spot around our neighborhood:
What do you think of 484m dollars for Boulder?
#MakoverMonday 3 projects to get ready for back-to-school
Boulder Craft Beer festival is this weekend!
Today is the only chance to meet these legendary Boulder residents, plus they’re super cute
An island in the middle of Boulder
#MakoverMonday Tiny and on-the-go
Water safety and tubing down Boulder Creek. It’s one of the most fun way to cool town in
Fate brewing is expanding!
You won’t be able to tell this 300K apartment is a studio
#MakeoverMonday The one requirement for this Colorado house: All white
Colorado temperatures a risk for fish
HOT listing popping up in the area. It will be very interesting to watch this sell! Let us know what you have to say about this home.
141 year old Colorado land is up for sale
Uniquely Colorado cuisine
How much house will you get with 350K in Broomfield Commons?
Drones are the future of Real Estate
#MakeoverMonday Bathroom transformation
Summer arts fest
This is so much more than just a food fest
Make sure to stay up to date on new listings in the area! Let’s sit down and talk homes if you’re looking to buy a home or have your home listed.
Going on vacation soon?
#MakeoverMonday Order that antique from Craigslist
Summer events are in full swing!
Have you tried out the LOBO trail yet?
This is what 400K looks like around the country
#MakeoverMonday Amazing before and after photos!
Happy 4th of July!
Happy 4th of July!
This is essential Boulder!
Get a feel for the neighborhood temperature with these fresh Market Stats! View the breakdown here:
Prediction of a real estate bust. Is this argument sound?
Prediction of a real estate bust. Is this argument sound?
You won’t believe what house is back on the market
#MakeoverMonday The best thing about buying a house is home design
Bike to work day!
2-for-1 drinks all summer long!
Will Denver’s increasing density set precedent for the rest of the state? The debate on the topic is ongoing and it turns out there isn’t a simple answer:
It’s peak selling season
It’s peak selling season
#MakeoverMonday Your weekly dose of home transformation!
Happy Fathers Day! What are your plans?
Happy Fathers Day! What are your plans?
Foodies, get ready
20 Financial experts on buying a house
Millennials are getting older
Attention amateur photographers!
Construction woes?
Garage Sale/Moving Sale
Cities Team Up for Housing
Get your beer festival fix this summer. Here are the top 5!
Saw yesterdays post? Colorado is booming!
Unemployment is down and jobs are up
Calling all Dead Heads!
See where unemployment is trending downward in Colorado:
Bolder Boulder Results!
Honor those who sacrificed all for our country.
Boulder Creek Fest
20,000 people move to Colorado every month
Memorial Day camping a no go…
More Skiing!
11 reasons that prove you need a realtor
No Soup for You!
Trade student debt for a mortgage
Video! This fly over view of Colorado’s best is amazing
Prepare for reduced home prices in the near future
What do you think about the Google expansion in Boulder?
3 things you didn’t know you should talk to your real estate agent about.
5 tips for starting your house hunt
Much loved Conor O’Neills officially closed
6 Reasons you should find a real estate agent
May the 4th be with you… On your adventures this summer
Big Space for Big Choice Brewing
Film on the Rocks enters its 18th year on May 15th!
Affordable housing legislation could change its supply across the state
Home buyers are not likely to buy in the same neighborhood when on the house hunt. See how far outside of a community they will land and who might be coming in!
Open House this weekend in Redleaf
JUST LISTED: 3776 Red Deer Trl Broomfield
The median age of today’s home seller is 41 but it’s the demographics that can tell you when to sell your home.
What to Look for in a House if You Plan to Age in Your Place
Homeowners’ Workbook: How to Remodel Your Kitchen
Get your backyard summer ready this spring!
Spring is here and it’s time to get out and about in Broomfield
Looking to install a new fireplace?
Broomfield memorial sign program to be implemented
Check out 4 potential problems with older homes
New members on Broomfield’s board
Colorado legislature approves measures to rescue children and animals from hot cars
Become an expert gardener!
Broomfield marketplace to be redeveloped!
Great Value in Broomfield
Fantastic 2-story single family home in Redleaf! OPEN HOUSE 3/11 noon-3pm
Lowell Construction Updates
COMING SOON: 13310 Red Deer Trl
How far does 300K get you in Broomfield in this market?
8z Training Making me a better realtor
10 % appreciation in one year!
Brrrr Broomfield!
Garage Sale coming up in RedLeaf!
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